Moss Eleven is here to get the party started
Moss Eleven is the Bay Area’s latest, and possibly best, alternative rock / pop cover band. They play over a hundred favorite (and counting) songs, from alternative rock, danceable indie classics, soul, hard rock, and even a few a slow jams to keep it interesting. They originate from San Francisco’s famed Moss Street studios, and no matter what the volume, they always manage to keep the passion for kickass music that goes to eleven!
They play the songs from the bands the crowd will love, like: Weezer, Kings of Leon, Gretta Van Fleet, Franz Ferdinand, Jet, Tom Petty, Radiohead and more.  For a sample of songs in our current library check out this playlist on spotify.
Moss Eleven can provide fun lively entertainment for outdoor festivals, corporate events, private events, and nightlife locations. Their song list is vast and provides something for everyone.  With an advanced request Moss Eleven can learn songs for your event.